STEAMED SHRIMP at home NINJA FOODI how to steam seafood OLD BAY Seasoning Recipe Real Steam Review

Ninja Foodi is the ONLY electric pressure cooker that really steams…With the Ninja Foodi you DO NOT seal the vent…the only pressure cooker on the market (that I know of) that doesn’t require sealing or closing the vent which results in…PRESSURE COOKING…not STEAMING… if you ask me..I just got back from Panama City Beach with some great Seafood at Buddy Gandy’s Seafood Market… and in this video I show exactly how you can truly steam your shrimp, or anything, in your Ninja Foodie at home, something the instant pot or any other pressure cooker won’t do … thanks for stopping by to see in the kitchen with jelly!!
In The Kitchen With Jelly … aka jelly007 !!
#jelly007 #ninjafoodi

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