Easy Garlic Buttered Shrimp

Hey Folks! I would like to share with you another favorite recipe of ours! Garlic Buttered Shrimp. I am using Red Palm Fruit Oil & Sriracha Sauce which go percfectly with shrimp.

If you haven’t tried using Sriracha Sauce, I think that you will like the perfect combination of sweet & spicy at the same time.

I always leave a bottle on my dining table. You have to absolutely try this on hotdogs! It’s really good!

I have been playing with this Red Palm Oil and I just simply love it! I use it in sautéing, frying, even in soups; also great in salad if the reddish color does not bother you. I think that naturally enhancing the color of the food looks more appetizing without affecting its taste. This oil is a winner on my list!

Feel free to try Folks if you wish! I thank you for trying my recipes and I appreciate all your support!

FULL DETAILS OF THE RECIPE: http://cookingwithjosie.com/easy-garlic-buttered-shrimp

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